It's okay to watch coding tutorials

Most of the beginner and intermediate programmers learn from coding tutorials. People say that the coding tutorials are bad for growth because programmers stuck to the tutorial hell. Most of us believe that.

Somehow it's true but developers should watch tutorials to learn design patterns, paradigms, algorithms, and the different ways to solve a problem. Tutors have their own way to solve any specific problem. As long as developers try to learn design patterns and software architectures, it's okay to watch tutorials. You learn from the best. Developers will learn to architect the project, design databases and so many other things they would miss.

Anyone can write code but you should try to write clean and the designated code. To learn the best practices you need to read articles, watch tutorials, and practice.

In the current scenario, there are many developers who can build an awesome project. But the community is lacking good developers who can write scalable, maintainable, and efficient code.

There are many good tutors who teach us to write scalable code so that we could be better, the community could be better.

If you are in tutorial hell, it's okay as long as you are learning some new design patterns and the different ways to solve the problem. If you already know the things tutors are teaching it's time to get out of tutorial hell and build/learn yourself.

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